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13% Automated Loads. Jones Logistics is Winning with Parade.

Unleashing the power of each carrier rep

Jones Logistics has become one of the leading truck flatbed brokerages in the country - 150,000 loads per year and counting - by enabling their team to build long term relationships with their shippers and carriers. Traditionally, they have grown by adding more people to the team - but facing a new wave of growth, the Operations team led by Guy Byars and Alex Maurer wanted to see if there was a better way to grow. What if their carrier reps were freed up to focus only on the most challenging activities? What if each carrier rep just “knew” which handful of the thousands of carriers Jones has worked with over the years were ideal for each load? How would that transform the business and make both Jones and its customers better?

Using everything that Jones already knew

Enter Parade. Parade’s capacity management platform helped Jones use the information they already had to make better decisions. Before Parade, Jones had a lot of data - carriers emailing daily capacity, lists of historical carriers and a sense of where carriers might be based on recent loads - but no way of pulling this together. Parade continuously merges this data and then filters it to recommend the best possible carrier for each load. Reps save time because information comes to them rather than them hunting for it.

Automating the everyday

In addition to finding the right carrier, Parade helps reps save more time by automating the everyday part of their jobs. There’s no value in sending a carrier to a rep if the carrier already agreed on the price for a load; Parade lets the carrier book digitally. Similarly, if a rep is sending the same load to the same carrier every week, Parade automates this and lets the carrier book it digitally without the rep needing to be involved. And if Parade can’t recommend a known carrier for a load, the load can be syndicated to the industry’s leading load boards with the click of a button; no copy/paste by reps.

According to Alex, "Parade has freed up our reps’ day and the impact has been felt across the organization. Our customer sales team is working incredibly hard to get more new business in the door because we can handle it - there couldn't be a better problem to have".

"13% of loads are automated and 87 new customers this year - it’s been a dream come true for Jones"

Rapid launch and sustained success

Jones is now 1 year into working with Parade and rep productivity has increased by 15%. Jones automated 13% of their freight volume in just 8 months and every month the share of loads booked digitally grows by 2.4%.

"Parade worked closely with our team to make integration simple. Our first reps were off running within days," says Maurer. “I love how simple it is to use Parade. Training our reps, even ones new to the industry, is quick and we've enjoyed watching our team members find confidence in what they do all while laying runway for new business to enter Jones Logistics.”

Unleash your carrier reps and make your brokerage more productive. Contact Parade today:


About Jones Logistics

For over 20 years, Jones Logistics is focused on delivering freight brokerage, managed transportation and dedicated services to clients across the United States. The expertise of Jones Logistics has evolved beyond general transportation to include more specialized services such as pipe logistics, brokerage capabilities, flatbed, heavy haul, transportation of forestry by-products, and the recently added dedicated services division. Regardless of industry, the team at Jones Logistics locates the right resources for any transportation or logistics requirement.


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