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Brand Spotlight: Channel19Parade’s

Parade’s capacity partner Channel19 is working to bring the power of big technology to small trucking companies.

At Parade, we’re always seeking out new partnerships to help our customers gain access to more capacity. Our new partnership with Channel19 is doing just that, but with kind of a new twist since Channel19’s business model is pretty unique.

About Channel19

Launched in early 2021, Channel19 is a product built to help small trucking companies find loads and get paid. They offer a full-service option where Channel19 handles dispatch and payment and a self-serve option where carriers can use the Channel19 platform to handle their own booking.

It’s an ideal solution for small trucking operations that operate with minimal support staff, essentially contracting out much of the work that would be done in an office or by owner-operators while they’re on the road.

It’s no surprise that Tony Singh, co-founder and CEO at Channel19, wound up building a startup in the trucking industry. He comes from a trucking family that offers a wealth of services and solutions within the industry. Channel19 is simply shoring up one more need Tony and co-founder Duane Moore saw in the ever-evolving industry. The company is named for the CB radio channel often used by truckers out on the road to communicate with one another.

One of Channel19’s priorities is transparency. They want both broker partners and their carrier customers to have access to not only the information they need to work and strategize effectively, but also to each other. Carriers and brokerages can access contact information and reach out to one another if they prefer to communicate through more traditional channels.

“Every broker and carrier connection is a unique connection,” said Tony Singh, Channel19 co-founder and CEO.

Channel19 has also partnered with Coyote Logistics, loadsmart, and other large brokerages to bring their carriers a comprehensive look at available freight directly on their platform so they don’t have to search across several different load boards looking for the right fit. Even better, Channel19 customers can get loads booked within minutes right from their smartphones. They also offer a web-based platform for customers who prefer to view it on their computer.

How is Partnership between Channel19 and Parade Helping Both Companies’ Customers?

Channel19’s integration with Parade allows brokerages with Parade to access Channel19’s network of carrier capacity. This gives Parade brokerages the opportunity to build connections with these small trucking operations that they may never have been able to reach before.

For Channel19’s carriers, Parade’s brokerage network gives them access to more freight that fits their preferences without searching through hundreds and even thousands of loads that don’t fit into their purview.

What’s Next for Channel19?

Channel19’s main focus for the first half of 2022 is growth.

They’re looking to build up their carrier base, bringing on more capacity for their brokerage partners and helping more small carriers tackle the freight booking process.

They also plan to continue to build partnerships with the largest freight brokerages in the country, opening up more load options for their carriers. They are currently working on partnerships with

If you own a small trucking operation, Channel19 and its brokerage partners can help you thrive and keep up in the newly emerging digital marketplace. If you’re a freight brokerage, they offer the opportunity to access a growing capacity network. Reach out to our team here to learn more about working with Channel19.


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