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Brand Spotlight: Turvo is All About Connecting the Supply Chain

Collaboration and visibility in a UI/UX that makes sense to the end-user.

We’re back and shining our spotlight on one of Parade’s supply chain solution partners, Turvo. Turvo’s Collaboration Cloud and modern TMS applications help streamline people, processes, and data for global supply chains.

What Does Turvo Do?

As one of the world’s leading collaboration application designed specifically for the supply chain, Turvo offers a modern and streamlined approach to TMS, with a built-in collaboration layer to unify the entire supply chain. Turvo offers freight brokers, 3PLs, and shippers the ability to connect with their customers, carriers, and third parties for full order-to-cash shipment execution.

It has everything freight brokerages need to get started right out of the box and allows their teams to connect their existing tech stack via Turvo’s API and extensible, multi-tenant architecture. As a true SaaS provider, Turvo delivers rapid ROI with speedy, CX-guided implementations.

Parade allows 3PLs, brokers, and shippers to see all the information collected by all their systems in one place, on one screen, in one easy-to-use interface.

Tech that Adds Understated Value

There are some obvious advantages to better connections between systems -- and the companies and departments who use them -- like easier sharing internally and externally for shipment planning, execution, and settlement.

For example, with the Turvo driver app, drivers can instantly upload photos from their mobile device of BOLs and PODs, eliminating manual processes in settlement and invoicing, to get paid faster.

Brokers and 3PLs can use Turvo’s sharing to give their shipper customers complete visibility into every movement of their shipment across multi-legs and for multi-modes.

Building Connections Internally and Externally

Turvo isn’t just about building connections between different pieces of the supply chain. It’s also about building connections within organizations because 3PLs tend to be fragmented internally, too. Different positions and departments are using software that supports their tasks, and Turvo helps those different programs talk to each other and provides a streamlined platform for communication and data sharing.

70% of transactions in the supply chain happen outside of the organization, so those external connections are very important, too. Turvo helps provide visibility across the supply chain, from suppliers to the warehouse to distribution centers to over-the-road to the end customer.

Recruitment and Retention

Nearly three-quarters of employers said they were having trouble attracting new talent in a survey conducted in 2021, and those numbers don’t seem to be improving. In today’s job market, where turnover is at an all-time high and candidates are looking for more than the bare minimum from their employers, technology is a tool that can help companies make gains in recruitment and retention.

The unique nature of Turvo’s platform is a great way for companies to recruit not only boots-on-the-ground employees like broker reps but also tech talent, executives, and accounting team members. Turvo’s modern, cloud-based architecture drives better satisfaction for both employers and customers.

How Turvo Get Started

Turvo was created from a vision that the supply chain can be fully connected and leveraged -- much like a social network. The concept is derived from the viewpoint that the industry is short on technology and long on fragmentation. Turvo is built with collaboration at its core, born in the cloud, and provides users with a modern TMS that connects all the dots.

Turvo’s flagship customers include Ryder, an end-to-end logistics company, and Lineage Logistics, one of the largest cold-chain companies in the world. Today Turvo serves Fortune 500 shippers, brokers, and 3PLs across North America.

How Do Parade and Turvo Work Together?

The partnership between Parade and Turvo will bring the ability to add automated capacity management to Turvo customers and provide Parade customers looking for a TMS to streamline operations.

Scott Lang, Turvo Chairman and CEO, said this about the partnership:

“The integration between the Turvo and the Parade gives freight brokers and third-party logistics companies a modern, cloud-based TMS with automated capacity management for higher-margin sourcing and coverage of carriers. This partnership brings together Turvo’s Collaboration Cloud and Parade’s truckload capacity management via its carrier, load board, and marketplace partners.”

If you’re looking for a new TMS, Turvo’s connectivity and functionality are worth exploring further. Reach out to their team to request a demo today.


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