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Explained: the Digital Freight Brokerage Tech Stack

The rise of new natively-digital freight brokers like Uber Freight and Convoy has disrupted freight and ignited an urgency for traditional freight brokerages to transform digitally. In response, many new and innovative freight tech solutions have flooded the market over the past five years to empower freight brokers to navigate and participate in this ongoing digital transformation revolution.

The Digital Freight Broker Tech Stack:

However, with the flood of new technologies, our broker customers often ask us: “What have you heard about them? What do they do? Do the benefits make sense for us right now?”

In this bi-weekly series, we aim to bring clarity to freight brokers on the benefits of each component of the freight broker tech stack and how it has been evolving. We hope that this research helps you navigate digital transformation by expanding upon your TMS’s capabilities in this ever-changing landscape.

Questions we aim to answer:

  • What is it? We’ll unpack the problems that the technology solves.

  • Why is it important? We’ll discuss how this impacts your brokerage team’s day-to-day operations.

  • What are the capabilities? We’ve surveyed both our customers and industry analysts to discuss the spectrum of capabilities.

  • Who are prominent vendors? We’ll share exciting new developments from vendors in this space.

Want us to investigate a category that you’re not seeing? Let us know, and we’ll run it by our team of analysts.


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