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Freight Tech Leaders Join Tier-1 VCs in Accelerating Parade’s Vision for Freight

Investor Syndicate Brings Together the Best Technology and Experts to Transform How Freight Moves Across America

San Francisco, CA — February 14, 2022 — Parade, the leader in carrier access and the truckload capacity management platform software for freight brokers, creates an investor syndicate of the best and brightest minds in technology and freight to transform the industry with last week’s $12.7M Series A funding round. Parade brings together the best technologists and industry experts to improve how freight moves in America.

This strategic investor syndicate combines Silicon Valley with Freight Alley. The combination brings together the best of venture capital with freight industry heavyweights. Several Parade partners took a symbolic minority stake in the Series A round. Parade envisions strategic partners will continue to invest to accelerate the venture’s success. Parade is building a consortium of the best minds and companies in freight to drive industry change.

"Parade brings this extraordinary group together because truckload capacity management is a neutral platform that collaborates with all industry players driving industry-wide change," said Anthony Sutardja, CEO at Parade. "These leading supply chain practitioners enable us to understand better where the freight market is headed and build that into the solutions we provide for Parade customers.”

Parade has brought together companies with leading experts from across the logistics market: Rite-Hite Corporation, Jones Capital, Redwood Logistics, BAMFi, and DAT Freight & Analytics. They’re joined by leading individual freight experts: Jason Duboe (Chief Growth Officer, project44), Shannon Hart (former VP Product, MercuryGate), Eric Rempel (CIO, Redwood), Tom Caughlin (President, Jones Capital), and Jett McCandless (CEO, project44).

"We invested in Parade because we believe that capacity management will transform the freight industry," said Eric Rempel, Chief Innovation Officer at Redwood Logistics. "Delivering on the full potential of capacity management is going to require the participation of brokers, carriers, and their technology partners. This group of investors is setting up Parade's customers to have access to these both today and in the future."

“Parade has transformed the business operations of so many freight brokerages - including our own - and we’re excited to be investing in Parade,” said Tom Caughlin, President, and Chief Investment Officer at Jones Capital. "We're also excited that this consortium brings together leaders from across logistics and that this will enable every freight brokerage to benefit from capacity management.”

About Parade

Parade is the leader in software for freight brokers, offering truckload capacity management to drive carrier access and digital transformation. Reimagine freight brokerage operations through transformational software workflows, technologies like AI, and the Parade partner ecosystem. Manage relationships efficiently, increase truckload capacity, and re-utilize carriers to find the right truck at the best price at the right time. Brokers and 3PLs book more loads, increase operational efficiencies, and boost productivity to grow customer profits. Parade-powered freight brokers use the freight hauling capacity of any trucking company in North America across all types and sizes of carriers. Visit us online at

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