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Book Now: Instant bookings with your trusted carriers

We’re proud to announce Book Now: a feature that enables Parade freight brokerage customers to securely digitally book a load end-to-end with their trusted carriers.

Reward your most trusted and consistent carriers.

As your team pushes for more carrier re-utilization to reduce the number of new carriers entering your procurement mix, your team builds trust with the carriers that you do the most business with. If a carrier has done ten loads flawlessly for you in the past month, you’ll have the confidence that the eleventh would be fulfilled without incident.

One way to express your trust is to enable these trustworthy carriers to digitally book your available freight. No phone calls, no negotiation.

Your team has already done the pricing analysis and research into these lanes. Your carriers can trust that you’re offering them a fair rate. This level of transparency helps you and your carriers book more loads, more quickly.

Dynamically Re-price

Worried that your rates are higher than the spot market? Our artificial intelligence monitors market conditions in real-time and will automatically adjust rates so that you’re not overpaying for capacity. This repricing mechanism is personalized for each carrier, as your levels of relationship and risk fluctuate between carriers.

Secure authentication to book loads in your TMS

Parade’s TrueCarrier identity management securely verifies the dispatcher to ensure a real person from the trucking company is authorized to book. We even constantly monitor the carrier’s active authority and insurance information to minimize any fraud risk.

Only carriers that are authenticated through TrueCarrier can reserve your designated bookable loads in your TMS. We handle the complexities of digital security, so you can focus on booking more loads.

Your mobile strategy

Parade customers already enjoy seamlessly digital communications with their carriers through Parade’s mobile-ready interfaces.

With the continuing rise of mobile phones in our workplaces and increased tech savviness of owner-operators, our workflows are designed for mobile right from the start, so that anyone can book a load.

We’re incredibly excited to release these technologies that will delight your core carriers. We believe this level of transparency empowers everyone to book more loads, more quickly. Parade’s “Book Now” is just another step towards full end-to-end digitization.

Interested in learning more? Give us a shout.


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