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Is Leading-Edge Tech One of Your Brokerage’s Recruiting Tools?

Here’s why you should be investing in technology that helps you snag up top-notch recruits.

Recruiting is one of the biggest challenges today for companies nationwide, and even worldwide. Stats from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that there were 11 million job openings at the end of October 2021. Hiring in this market is hard!

This is particularly true for freight brokerages. More companies turning to 3PLs to get their loads covered combined with extreme competition for freight brokerage talent means that brokerages have to be on top of their game to hire the right people to get the job done.

Leading job posting site Indeed shared a list of recruiting strategies. The first strategy mentioned? Treat candidates like customers. In the supply chain, companies often use the lure of valuable technology to bring in new customers. It follows that if you’re treating potential recruits like customers, you should consider investing in a tech stack that speaks to those recruits’ needs.

Here’s How Tech Can Help Drive Recruitment

Recruits Want to Know You Want Them to Be Successful

Technology that can help them do their job even better gets that message across loud and clear. When you show recruits that your company employs technology that is designed to help them do their job better and follows through on that promise, they know that you want them to succeed.

It also provides recruits with the opportunity to learn a new system, new skills that may help their career down the road.

Everybody Loves a Cool New Toy

When brokerages rely heavily on tech to increase productivity and scale up operations, they’ve likely got some cool technological toys for employees to use and for potential employees to look forward to using.

On the whole, society likes new technology. We like to improve on the way we’re doing things, making it easier, faster, smarter, more efficient.

Applying This in Practice

How can you communicate to potential recruits that you have technology that will make their jobs easier or more interesting? How can you show them you have tools to help them be more productive and successful in a position with your company? Here are some tips for spreading the word about your tech stack to potential recruits.

· Make sure your tech stack is easy to find on your website

· Share your tech capabilities on sites with company pages like LinkedIn or Google

· Include your top-quality tech in job descriptions

· Create social media content to accompany your job postings that showcase your technology

· Make videos of star employees sharing how your tech stack makes them more successful

· Make a point to share your tech stack with interviewees, but make sure you don’t make them feel like they should have experience with the latest tools. Make it clear you’re ready to train them on the use of your tech tools.

In a tight labor market where freight brokerages need to use every single potential tool in their arsenal to attract new recruits, it doesn’t make sense to overlook a potential recruiting tool that you’re already using or that you plan to add anyways. Your brokerage’s tech ideally provides return on investment all on its own, and this is just one more way it can drive an even better return.

Looking for new tech tools to help your brokerage bring in top-quality recruits? Reach out to the Parade team to schedule a demo so you can see how Parade sets your representatives up for success.


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