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Parade Becomes McLeod Software’s First Capacity Management Partner

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

San Francisco, CA, (12/17/2020) - In response to the digital disruption to the freight brokerage industry, McLeod Software recently released their Digital Freight Matching API to help brokers transform the way they manage freight.

Today, with a determination to deliver access to the best digital technologies available and an understanding that digital transformation needs to start with capacity management, McLeod has launched an official partnership with Parade, the leading capacity management solution.

This new integration will layer additional data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) on top of McLeod’s existing PowerBroker® TMS features to help freight brokers expand capacity, manage carrier relationships, and automate load bookings.

Parade provides capacity intelligence by syndicating data from connected capacity networks, processing truck-list emails automatically using natural language processing (NLP), and analyzing PowerBroker’s detailed data on available tractors.

As carrier capacity is updated, preliminary matches are created between qualified carriers and available loads using a combination of PowerBroker and Parade criteria. Critical signals, from preferred lanes and equipment needs to pricing trends and carrier engagement, are factored into the equation to ensure more loads are booked more quickly.

At the same time, Parade leverages predictive analytics to deliver insights on future carrier availability, enabling brokers to pre-book important loads, stay ahead of shipment needs during busier times of the year, and continue to scale capacity to support customer growth.

Brokerages that combine the capabilities of PowerBroker with Parade’s capacity management will unlock:

  • 10x larger carrier networks; providing a broader reach and more profitable bookings

  • 25% uptick in carrier reuse; driving carrier predictability and larger margins

  • Rep productivity gains of 20%; enabling the same team to handle more freight

  • Business margin increases of 1-2%; generated from automation, reuse, and efficiency

“Our capacity management platform is the key component in accelerating how capacity is sourced in this new era of freight,” said Anthony Sutardja, Cofounder and CEO of Parade. “This expanded partnership with McLeod Software reinforces our commitment to empowering brokerages to not just participate, but thrive and lead in the digital disruption of freight.”

Parade gives brokers the ability to put freight booking on autopilot. Brokers can automatically respond to carriers with new load recommendations and allow individual carriers to book freight by themselves from their email inbox. Parade’s machine learning capabilities even analyze each carrier’s booking patterns to make sure automated load assignments are sent out at the right time.

“McLeod Software is pleased to announce the integration of PowerBroker with Parade’s capacity management platform,” said Robert Brothers, VP of Product Development. “We’ve worked together to enable capacity management, as it is a core driver in operating a digital freight brokerage. We look forward to continuing to support our customers as they select the best digital technologies to transform freight.”

Freight brokers who use McLeod’s PowerBroker solution can have complete access to Parade’s capabilities. These brokers who now use McLeod’s powerful trucking brokerage platform can capitalize on the additional speed, scale, and flexibility that Parade can bring to their existing capacity and freight matching tools.

Learn how Parade grows capacity and accelerates business with PowerBroker customers. Connect with the Parade team today.


About Parade

Parade is the leading capacity management platform. Parade supercharges your existing brokerage TMS and tools to reutilize carriers, streamline workflows, and automate load-bookings. Top freight brokerages Brokerages use Parade to expand capacity coverage, empower teams, and grow shipper business. For more information about Parade, visit

LinkedIn: Parade

Twitter: @paradeai


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