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Parade Customer Stories: Keller Freight Solutions

With ambitious revenue goals, Keller’s close partnership with Parade drives efficiency and growth while maintaining excellent customer service

Headquartered out of Ohio, Keller Logistics Group has grown from a single truck in 1979 to a leading third-party logistics provider with multiple divisions and new businesses every year. Its freight brokerage arm, Keller Freight Solutions, saw approximately 14,000 loads carried on-time and without incident for its customers in 2020. And they’re just getting started.

“We have pretty ambitious growth goals over the next five, ten years,” said Brent McDade, President of Keller Freight Solutions. And trucking is a pretty old-school industry. So we wanted a technology that could help us compete and grow without asking our partners to fill out multiple forms and do the things that might slow us down versus our competitors.”

With that mission in mind, Keller began searching for upstart tech solutions that could drive real growth for their business and real value for their customers. They found Parade.

Download the full case study to learn how Parade and Keller became partners in growth.


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