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Parade expands reach to Trucker Path drivers

Parade is continuously working to drive innovation in capacity management for our freight broker customers. Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Trucker Path.

Trucker Path, whose newly enhanced TruckLoads load board is used by over 1 million drivers, today unveiled their first capacity management partner, Parade. The TruckLoads mobile load board now gives carriers the ability to lock in capacity instantly and digitally, without the need to email or call the broker, negotiate a deal, onboard, and then get a rate confirmation to actually move the load. Brokerages powered by Parade can now expand their capacity reach by accessing the over 1 million registered drivers in the Trucker Path network to book digitally and move more loads.

Postings to Trucker Path’s TruckLoads load board can be done directly from Parade. Our integration with Trucker Path enables broker customers to:

  • Find additional capacity: build strategic new relationships with trusted carriers to get loads covered faster

  • Automate more loads: post your loads and receive Book Now offers or Quotes from the Trucker Path network of carriers to book more loads than ever before

  • Get started immediately: we’ve built the Trucker Path integration to work seamlessly with both Parade & your TMS

We are excited to partner with Trucker Path to provide the best-in-class experience that improves digital operations across both freight brokers and carriers.


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