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Parade launches new brokerage features: Delivers connected, seamless carrier sales experience

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Big data and artificial intelligence leader expands product to further automate workflows, scale relationship management, and grow digital bookings.


August 20, 2019 - San Francisco, CA // Today, Parade, which creates big data and artificial intelligence solutions for transportation companies, unveiled a new collection of product features to ensure their brokerage customers are better able to communicate with carriers and adapt to carrier feedback. After launching the platform 1 year ago to enable brokerages to better serve their carriers, and customers in-turn, this new collection of features is part of Parade’s continued commitment to empowering logistics businesses and launching them into industry 4.0. The two new features are ‘Partner Pages’ and ‘Load Reviews’, which aim to make the brokerage-carrier relationship connected and seamless.

Of the company’s new product development, Parade CEO Anthony Sutardja said “We’re really excited to be able to deliver this level of visibility to the industry because brokerages can now better understand and communicate with their carriers while simultaneously giving carriers more visibility over their business so they can be more strategic and profitable. Really a win-win situation.”

Partner Pages provides every Parade freight brokerage customer with their own white-labeled carrier landing page to share real-time and relevant opportunities with authorized carriers. Partner Pages dynamically show different matches based off each carrier’s Smart Carrier Profiles. Select carriers can also digitally book directly with the brokerage. In effect, removing friction in the carrier sales process. Of the new features, Parade customer, Scott Avery, Transplace, said “we continue to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from our carrier network.”

Load Reviews enable Parade brokerages to learn from every load hauled. Carriers have the opportunity to share anonymous feedback on rates and service experience, giving brokerages real-time transparency to market and capacity conditions, enabling them to better anticipate carrier choices. “We’re ecstatic with the rate of response to Parade Load Reviews. Carriers now have a channel to privately voice their needs and capabilities, and know they will be heard” said Sutardja.

This new collection of features reinforces Parade’s commitment to automation, relationship management, and digital bookings. They are added to an already robust suite of features within Parade’s Carrier Platform, including: Smart Carrier Profiles, Email Extraction, Email Auto-response & Re-engagement, Booking Digitization, Capacity CRM, ELD analysis, and Interactive Carrier Feedback. Ultimately, the features deliver on Parade’s vision to bring logistics businesses into industry 4.0 by delivering the connectivity and intelligence brokerages and carriers deserve.


About Parade:

Parade, the leading freight workflow platform, empowers modern transportation companies to efficiently manage relationships, analyze capacity, and automate load bookings on a unified, private platform. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Parade has re-imagined outdated workflows to design the future of working in freight as part of Industry 4.0. Features of the Parade suite include intelligent profiles, automated engagement, real-time freight matching, digital load booking, and business intelligence. For more information about Parade, visit

Contact: Nathalie Freysinger | | 415.965.6237


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