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Parade Offers Brokers Access to New Capacity via Partnership with Channel19

Truckload Capacity Management Platform Adds to Partner Capacity Networks with Channel19's Smaller Carriers of All Types

San Francisco, CA — January 13, 2022 — Parade, the leader in carrier access and the truckload capacity management platform software for freight brokers, announces an alliance offering brokers more access to additional capacity via Channel19’s exceptional relationships and technologies for smaller carriers with ten trucks or fewer.

“Channel19 enables our freight brokerage customers to access top-quality, smaller carriers,” according to Anthony Sutardja, CEO and Co-founder of Parade. “This digital connection enables freight brokers to build dedicated carrier relationships with smaller carriers faster.”

Parade’s capacity management capabilities enable digital matching and automated notifications for a carrier’s preferred loads. For a freight brokerage powered by Parade, the alliance with Channel19 enables the broker to communicate, bid, and directly book loads quickly with carriers using Channel19.

“Through our relationship with Parade, Channel19 enables its smaller carriers to be on the radar of more freight brokers helping shippers,” says Tony Singh, co-founder and CEO of Channel19. “Parade opens new opportunities for Channel19 and our carriers, including access to top freight brokerages and the ability to book more loads.”

Running a modern freight brokerage in 2022 requires access to a network of great carriers provided by a platform like Channel19. The Channel19 connection helps freight brokers by adding an untapped source of carrier capacity. Parade’s freight broker customers get their loads on the best carriers with access to Channel19’s unique, small carrier segment.

The alliance is another piece of Parade’s exceptional solution, encompassing technologies and partner ecosystems, which let Parade-powered freight brokers reach any trucking company in North America across all types and sizes of carriers.

“We pride ourselves in working with the best in technology for carriers to enable a more connected experience for our freight brokerage customers,” adds Sutardja. “This partnership exemplifies the innovation needed in order to accelerate digitization for this industry.”

About Channel19

Channel19 helps freight brokerages and trucking companies by simplifying the navigation, negotiation, booking, and transaction execution process for truckload freight across an increasingly digital freight marketplace. Freight trucking is essential to the proper functioning of the US economy, but the benefits of digital transformation have been painfully slow to reach this community. Channel19 intends to play a key role in expediting this digital transition. Find us at

About Parade

Parade is the leader in software for freight brokers, offering truckload capacity management to drive carrier access and digital transformation. Its technologies and partner ecosystem let Parade-powered freight brokers reach any trucking company in North America across all types and sizes of carriers.

Founded in 2015 by Preet Sivia, Anthony Sutardja, and Tony Wu, Parade has reimagined freight brokerage (operations) workflows through transformational software (workflows) operations. Select Parade to manage relationships efficiently, increase truckload capacity, and re-utilize carriers to find the right truck at the best price. As the leading carrier access and truckload capacity management platform software for freight brokers, Parade helps book more loads and make more money. Visit us online at


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