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Parade unlocks capacity with CloudTrucks virtual carrier network

Parade partners with the most innovative leaders reshaping the trucking landscape. Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with CloudTrucks.

CloudTrucks is a virtual trucking carrier helping truck drivers manage their business. CloudTrucks’ innovative data science technologies, which include a recently released Schedule Optimizer, help truckers plan and optimize their routes, avoid downtime, and increase their earnings.

Brokerages powered by Parade can now communicate, plan, and book loads directly with CloudTrucks’ hand-selected fleet of owner-operators. Parade’s integration with the CloudTrucks application enables a true end-to-end digital booking process.

Load opportunities can be synchronized directly from Parade’s Marketplace Syndication feature to CloudTrucks. Our integration with CloudTrucks enables the following for Parade brokerage customers:

  • Digital access to owner-operators: securing capacity is done instantly through the driver’s mobile phone.

  • Consistent service: CloudTrucks’ operations team ensures visibility to drivers and all paperwork.

  • Transparent costs: transparent fees to drivers ensure quality at a great price

  • Booking as usual: brokerage reps see no disruption to their load booking process - loads reach CloudTrucks drivers using APIs behind the scenes

We are excited to have partnered with CloudTrucks to have defined how digitally-enabled brokerages work with next-generation trucking companies.

Watch the webinar to learn more about what the integration means for brokers.


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