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Parade unlocks capacity with Haulistix optimized carrier

Parade partners with the most innovative leaders reshaping the trucking landscape. Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Haulistix and its carrier arm LaGrange Express.

LaGrange Express is a digital-first carrier for owner-operator capacity. Its proprietary platform helps LaGrange express to solve challenging problems around operational cost efficiency and real-time visibility to deliver competitive capacity and service that brokers expect.

Brokerages powered by Parade can now communicate, plan, and book loads directly with Haulistix’s hand-selected fleet of owner-operators. Parade’s integration with the Haulistix platform enables a true end-to-end digital booking process.

Load opportunities can be synchronized directly from Parade’s Load Syndication feature to Haulistix. Our integration with Haulistix enables the following for Parade brokerage customers:

  • More scalable capacity: tap into Haulistix’s growing network of owner-operators

  • Efficient capacity: Haulistix optimizes its drivers for efficiency, enabling reliable and competitive truck capacity

  • Booking as usual: brokerage reps see no disruption to their load booking process - loads reach Haulistix drivers using APIs behind the scenes

We are excited to have partnered with Haulistix to have defined how digitally-enabled brokerages work with next-generation trucking companies.


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