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Parade unlocks capacity with KeepTruckin drivers

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Parade is continuously working to drive innovation in capacity management for our freight broker customers. Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with KeepTruckin.

KeepTruckin has unveiled its new Smart Load Board—an advanced freight marketplace designed to streamline dispatching, reduce deadhead, and increase profitability through its mobile app and fleet web dashboard. Brokerages powered by Parade can now expand their capacity reach by accessing the over 1 million registered drivers in KeepTruckin’s network to move more loads.

Postings to KeepTruckin’s Smart Load Board can be done directly from Parade’s Marketplace Syndication feature. Our integration with KeepTruckin enables broker customers to:

  • Improve operational intelligence: move your freight faster and build new relationships by tapping into ELD-enabled capacity

  • Automate more loads: post your loads and receive Book Now offers or Quotes across the KeepTruckin network

  • Get started immediately: we’ve built the KeepTruckin integration to work seamlessly with both Parade & your TMS

We are excited to partner with KeepTruckin to provide the best-in-class experience that improves digital operations across both freight brokers and carriers.


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