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Partner Pages: Your Carriers Can Book More Loads with Ease

Today we’re excited to announce Partner Pages: a feature that provides every Parade freight brokerage customer with their own white-labeled carrier landing page to share real-time and relevant opportunities to authorized carriers. Partner Pages rolls out today and is automatically included with all current and future Parade brokerage customers at no additional cost.

Your broker’s Partner Page works by sharing the same load recommendations that are shown through automated carrier emails with Parade. These matched loads are generated from your company’s dynamic Smart Carrier Profiles, which are updated continuously using your historical load data and your carrier’s real-time feedback.

We are thrilled to see what our customers do with Partner Pages to book more loads.

Direct Digital bookings

Your brokerage is a digital freight brokerage. Enable your carriers to digitally quote or book a load directly from your Partner Page.

All digital interactions are seamlessly secured with Parade’s TrueCarrier identity management platform.

Ease of doing business

Your carriers will likely move more freight with you when they can easily discover available loads. Partner Pages allows them to access the most up-to-date contact information for your team and engage them directly.

Refer carriers to your Partner Page by directing them from your company’s website, reminding them in your email signatures, or even letting them know that they can bookmark the page. Furthermore, every automated email from Parade helps the carrier get back to your Partner Page.

Control what your carriers can see and do

Each carrier has a different relationship with you and your team. Partner Pages dynamically show different matches not only based off each carrier’s Smart Carrier Profiles, but also based off the restrictions you and your team set.


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