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Price and book loads digitally through the DAT marketplace with Parade

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Parade partners with the most critical tools that freight brokers use to discover capacity. Today, we’re excited to announce the next step in our partnership with DAT.

DAT Freight & Analytics has the industry’s largest marketplace for spot truckload freight through its DAT One applications. We’ve expanded our integrations to enable our broker customers to digitally book freight with carriers across the DAT network.

This expands upon our previous integration with DAT RateView, enabling automated pricing and automated freight-tendering to carriers on the DAT load board.

Load opportunities can be synchronized directly from Parade’s Marketplace Syndication feature to carriers in the DAT marketplace. Our integration with DAT enables the following for Parade brokerage customers:

  • More digital bookings: receive Book Now offers and Quotes from the DAT Load Board

  • Streamline operations: reduce phone call volume and analyze conversion

  • Get started immediately: we’ve built the integration to work seamlessly with both Parade & your TMS

We’re incredibly excited to partner with DAT to digitally streamline transactions and make it easier for brokers to manage their load board capacity.


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