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Tai Software and Parade Partner to Give 3PLs Accelerated Capacity Management, Digital Transformation

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

By partnering with Parade, Tai Software is helping democratize critical Capacity Management technology for 3PL TMS customers.

San Francisco, California, May 18, 2021 - Parade, the leader in Capacity Management, and TAI Software, one of the largest cloud-based Transformation Management Systems (TMS) providers in North America, have partnered to bring accelerated Capacity Management and Digital Transformation to 3PLs.

Parade will provide Capacity Management and digital brokerage tooling to the Tai TMS ecosystem. Enabled by Parade’s Capacity Management technologies, Tai will integrate Capacity Management into their proprietary brokerage platform to drive workflow automation, AI-powered carrier profiling, carrier relationship management, and end-to-end digital bookings.

Tai makes this partnership to continue to help third-party logistics customers compete effectively in a changing environment. Tai customers can now build best-in-class carrier experiences, data-driven carrier relationships, and an efficient, digital carrier network.

Parade will help Tai customers utilize real-time carrier information using 26 unique signals, which is then integrated back into the Tai TMS. Parade and Tai partnered to centralize capacity information across multiple data silos, which will drive carrier reutilization and drive down capacity waste.

This partnership will enable Tai customers and their carrier sales teams to gain rep productivity, increase carrier reutilization, and drive digital bookings and end-to-end workflow automation.

Tai's investment into Capacity Management through Parade will accelerate progress around three areas for TMS customers:

  1. Capacity Management capabilities to build a digital 3PL. Tai will bring TMS customers “online” with Capacity Management. Parade’s unmatched AI and ML technologies will power personalized carrier recommendations, carrier reutilization, improved service levels through superior matching, and integrated digital booking experiences.

  2. Data science to power carrier management. Tai will leverage Parade’s real-time carrier profiling, including AI and ML capabilities to collect and learn from carrier partners. Now Tai TMS users will be able to predictively match, find, and book across their private and public carrier networks.

  3. Largest ecosystem of Digital Freight Marketplaces (DFM). Tai will leverage Parade’s ecosystem of Digital Freight Marketplaces to source public network capacity. As more and more load boards transition to freight marketplaces, Tai customers can now leverage Capacity Management to connect in real-time to source capacity. This partnership brings capacity from networks like KeepTruckin’, DAT, Trucker Path, CloudTrucks, SmartHop and more. Tai users will be able to “advertise” their freight, and offer priced and bookable experiences across 14+ of carriers' most used freight marketplaces for the first time.


About Tai

Tai TMS has been actively helping freight brokers grow their business for 15 years, with a core team of software developers and industry experts. Our customers know us for our commitment to innovation, fast, efficient problem solving, and our dedication to their success.Tai TMS provides freight brokers with an all-in-one platform for quoting, booking, and tracking shipments. Tai Automates your LTL shipping process and provides FTL brokers with a centralized platform for sourcing load coverage. We simplify your workflows so you can manage all your current shipments on one page, empowering your staff with a fast, efficient process built for speed and scalability.Tai Software's Mission is to empower every freight broker to become the best version of themselves.

About Parade

Parade is the leading capacity management platform. Top freight brokerages build dedicated digital capacity and book more loads using Parade. Parade integrates with all of your existing tools to source capacity, match freight, and manage relationships. Brokerages using Parade reutilize carriers, streamline workflows, price competitively, and automate load-booking. For more information about Parade, visit

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