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Tai TMS Leverages Industry Expertise to Provide Brokerages with the Opportunity to Scale Growth

We love to shine a spotlight on transportation and logistics companies that are making waves with new technology, bringing the supply chain into the future, and helping companies meet their goals. Today, we’re handing out a round of applause for the folks at Tai TMS, one of our TMS partners.

Tai TMS Helps Brokerages of All Sizes Scale

Tai TMS’s dedicated team is constantly innovating, finding new ways to help their brokerage customers succeed. Their staff possesses a wealth of knowledge in the transportation and logistics industries and tech talent galore, which made them uniquely qualified to build a system that really works to solve the problems real brokerages face.

What Makes Tai TMS Different from Legacy TMS systems?

Web-Based SaaS

Many of the big-name TMS systems are on-premises, but Tai TMS uses a software as a service model (SaaS).

One of the benefits of their SaaS model is that implementation is less costly. It’s also much faster to go live than on-premises solutions. Maintenance tends to be much easier, and updates are sent out to customers in real-time via the web as a part of the package rather than paying extra for updates and waiting for them to be implemented on-site.

Transparent Pricing

Unlike many other software solutions on the market, Tai TMS offers a very clear pricing structure that they publish on their website. They offer packages for brokerages of all sizes, allowing companies big and small to have affordable access to leading-edge brokerage technology.

Even better? They offer new brokerages one month free to try out the software, cutting out the risk of a financial hit that brokerages take when implementing a new program.

Tools to Streamline both FTL and LTL Brokerages

Tai has a lot to offer freight brokerages that handle both FTL and LTL business. FTL brokerages can streamline their processes, engage carriers more easily, and post directly to load boards from the TMS. LTL brokerages have access to side-by-side price comparisons pulled directly from EDI-connected LTL carriers, shipment tracking, and automated dispatching.

You can see a short video about Tai TMS for FTL brokerages here and their LTL features here.

Tai TMS also has API integrations with many of the top names in logistics software, oftentimes even allowing customers to utilize those systems from within their centralized platform without any kind of third-party implementation. The ability to work from that centralized platform helps to streamline operations and empowers broker reps to do their best work.

Components that Go Above and Beyond Core TMS Functions

The majority of TMS providers offer their customers some basic functions like carrier management, route and load optimization, and basic data collection and visibility capabilities. Tai TMS offers additional components that help brokerages strategize, optimize, and streamline processes so they can grow and scale. Some of those include:

· Email assistant

· Shipment visibility

· Automation

· LTL buyer marketplace

Their automation saves up to 11 hours per week per rep. That time savings combined with advanced features leads to Tai TMS customers booking an average of 30% more loads.

About Tai TMS

The Huntington Beach, CA-based company was founded in 2005. Their software is designed with freight brokers in mind. Their mission is to empower freight brokers to become the best version of themselves. That’s why their TMS offers brokerages the flexibility to quickly and easily build dashboards that fit their business.

How Do Parade and Tai TMS Work Together?

Parade and Tai TMS are connected via API integration. This means that the systems work together seamlessly, sharing real-time data that feeds Parade’s AI and makes day-to-day tasks in Tai TMS even easier than they are with just the freestanding TMS

The partnership between Parade and Tai TMS means that, even if customers who have both systems rarely leave their TMS, Parade continues to learn, provide capacity visibility, and find the best carriers for loads.

Tai TMS is a TMS for modern freight brokerages. Interested in bringing your 3PL into the future? Reach out to the team at Tai TMS to schedule a call.


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