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This Parade Feature Will Make Sure You Never Miss a Carrier Again

Turn incoming quotes and DAT truck postings into capacity, even when you go with a different carrier.

Here’s How Parade Brokerages Can Take Advantage of Every Interaction with Carriers

Freight brokerages may get several quotes and notice of available trucks on each load they post. Without Parade, the average brokerage just picks the best match for the load, forgets about the rest of the quotes, and moves on with their day. They don’t have time to pull all the important details out of those interactions and even if they did, they may not have anywhere to store the information so that it could be used to find capacity in the future, anyways.

Here’s the thing: those quotes and available trucks represent capacity. They represent a carrier who has already made a preliminary decision that they want to work with a brokerage and that they have the right equipment and lane coverage to do just that. With truck capacity as tight as it has been over the past couple of years, being able to access that capacity could be a game-changer for brokerages.

With the ‘Never Miss a Carrier’ feature that was added a couple of months ago, all the data from unused quotes and DAT truck postings that Parade has been collecting in the background is now right out in front for brokerages. This means that all those missed connections now hold the potential for capacity.

Source Search Now Shows Carriers that have Quoted or Posted a Truck

We like to think of the capacity pool as a target. In the bullseye, we have carriers that a brokerage is already working with. Those carriers are part of their capacity network. They’ve connected and done business together in the past, whether that’s a load here and there over the past year or whether they work together on consistent loads that go out every single week. These carriers show up in the search with a solid green circle

Just outside of that bullseye, we have out-of-network carriers who have shown interest in a brokerage’s loads in the past. Those carriers have either sent a quote for a load or they’ve told the broker they have a truck available to cover a load. They want to do business with the brokerage; they just haven’t done business with them yet.

This feature means that when a broker is searching for capacity using the source search function on Parade, those carriers that fall just outside of the bullseye pop up now, but with a hollow gray circle next to them instead of a green circle. They represent a great opportunity for brokerages to grow their carrier network and find the capacity they need when they’ve exhausted all in-network carrier options.

The System Does All the Work

One of the best parts about this feature is that brokers don’t have to do anything different to see the benefits. Using the system as they normally do in their daily operations allows them access to interested carriers in the search feature. The system does all the work, collecting data, determining potential available truck capacity, and sorting carriers in order of fitness for the load.

For this feature to reach its full capacity-gathering potential, the DAT Posted Trucks feature must be enabled in Parade. However, since almost every single Parade customer has the DAT Posted Trucks feature turned on, every brokerage using the system is benefitting from this feature right now. They don’t have to do anything special to reap the rewards of this one.

If this feature sounds like something your brokerage could benefit from, reach out to the team at Parade to schedule a demo.


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