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Top 4 Benefits of Parade’s ‘Never Miss a Carrier’ Feature

What do brokerages really get out of Parade’s ‘Never Miss a Carrier’ feature? Learn about the benefits here.

At the end of 2021, Parade released a new feature that allows brokerages to see all the carriers that have sent them quotes in the past and all the carriers that have sent truck availability through DAT in the source search function. Since many brokerages don’t do anything with unused quotes or truck availability, they may not see what they have to gain in the long run. Let’s break down the benefits of Parade’s ‘Never Miss a Carrier’ feature.

1. It Gives Brokerages Access to New Capacity

All across the country and across all truck types, trucking capacity is tight. That means that finding the right carrier for a load can be tricky. The freight market is also very hot still, which means it’s a perfect opportunity for brokerages to engage more shippers and work to scale their business. That’s tough to do without building a capacity network that can support new freight first.

Enter ‘Never Miss a Carrier’. This feature, in concert with Parade’s core functions and other features, offers brokerages access to up to 10x more capacity. More capacity means it’s easier to get loads covered and brokerages can successfully take on more loads.

2. That New Capacity is Already Engaged

The potential capacity you gain through ‘Never Miss a Carrier’ isn’t just a random list of carriers who may have trucks in the lanes you run. They’re carriers who have already reached out to you, whether by sending a quote or by sending truck availability through DAT. They’ve seen the types of loads you’ve got to cover and they’ve already shown they’re interested and able to haul them.

Lots of capacity management tools offer access to a new pool of capacity, but that pool is rarely made up of pre-vetted prospects who are already buying what you’re selling.

3. It Essentially Replaces a CRM

Some brokerages use a CRM (customer relationship management) program to keep track of their carriers’ information. They’re a great way for brokerages to monitor their capacity network and keep track of all their carriers’ capabilities, plus their likes and dislikes. CRMs help brokerages build better relationships with carriers, but it’s also one more system brokers have to engage with (and pay for).

This Parade feature makes the CRM almost completely obsolete. You don’t have to worry about inputting, storing, and sorting carrier preferences or capacity data. The system does it for you, pulling that information directly out of the quotes or truck availability notifications on DAT.

4. It Does All of the Above with Zero Extra Steps

Parade’s AI and Machine Learning capabilities mean that our customers don’t have to do anything special to gain access to this new pool of potential capacity. It’s just part of the system, an improvement on a core function that every Parade customer has access to. Brokers don’t have to enter information into the system, engage the carrier, or even flag the carrier as a good potential capacity partner. They just show up in the same search Parade customers have already been using to find freight matches, already ranked based on their compatibility with the load.

Countless automated processes occur behind the scenes to compile and sort this additional capacity. Before, brokerages couldn’t see the fruits of that labor directly. Now, ‘Never Miss a Carrier’ places all this capacity data out front, right there in the search function for all our customers to see and take advantage of.

If you’d like to see how the carriers you didn’t use can still benefit your brokerage, reach out to the team at Parade to get a demo.


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