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Transplace Connects Data, Gains Carrier Intelligence, Scales Digital Engagement

Transplace gains unprecedented level of visibility into carrier networks - preferences, behaviors, performance.

Image courtesy of Transplace


Transplace is a leading provider of transportation management services and logistics technology, nearing their 20th year in business.

Transplace is committed to the power of technology and developed a robust Transport Management System (TMS) to better serve their shipper customers. As Transplace grew over time, they recognized that shippers still need to engage freight brokerages to help move their loads. Transplace subsequently further invested in their brokerage arm to meet this market need.



Transplace has always been an advocate of digitization and believes in the power of technology to streamline business operations and develop new opportunities.

The Transplace brokerage has over 30,000 carriers in-network that book 1000's of loads per month. To improve their carrier sales efforts, they wanted to use their TMS to extract intelligence about their carriers, such as carrier lane preferences. They hoped to use this data to more quickly and effectively match loads with carriers. However, two critical challenges stood in their way:

  1. Reps had to update lane preferences for each carrier manually.

  2. Reps worked out of different offices and struggled to coordinate their workflows, ultimately impacting carrier experience. For example, carriers did not have a single point of contact and therefore, experienced a lack of continuity in the engagement.

Transplace needed a solution that could help their team of carrier sales reps:

  • Automatically gather, organize, and report real-time intelligence about thousands of carriers.

  • Effectively activate, engage, and service their extensive network of carriers.


The Transplace - Parade partnership began with a 2 week pilot. Transplace was eager to launch Parade and quickly prove whether the platform could improve their newly centralized carrier sales team. A cross-functional task force was assembled to ensure there were no road blocks. Transplace currently utilizes McLeod PowerBroker as their brokerage platform. Through a direct connection to McLeod, Parade began to collect essential data and combine it with a global data network. By the end of day-1, Parade had automatically created thousands of intelligent carrier profiles using a comprehensive data set comprised of: Email data, location data and ELD data historic and real-time, lane preferences, carrier equipment types, engagement data, federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) data, and government and regulatory information, e.g. licenses.

After the pilot, Transplace met internally to weigh the solution and consider the findings of the pilot. The carriers sales team and executive team were in agreement - Transplace would commit to Parade and roll it out across the organization.

Their AI does exactly what they promise; delivering immediate predictive matches to carriers based on their needs, historical trends, and preferences. Parade continues to evolve and expand, with new and improved features being added at a very rapid pace. The Parade team themselves have been best-in-class to work with. They listen intently, use product feedback to improve their platform, and respond swiftly to any questions or needs we have. - Scott Avery, Director of Carrier Sales, Transplace



With Parade, Transplace has streamlined workflows, scaled engagement, and grown revenue. The team has extended their weekly freight coverage to a level that traditional brokerages typically achieve monthly. Transplace has also seen a significant up-tick in overwhelmingly positive feedback from their carrier network.

  • Together with Parade, Transplace has enabled their carrier sales team to:

  • Digitally match load opportunities with the right carriers. Rapidly activate their in-network carriers at scale.

  • Grow inbound quotes and load bookings.

We saw ROI almost immediately. In just a few weeks, Transplace more than tripled our desired active carrier count. By the end of the first full month, Parade covered more freight in a week through automation than a first-year traditional broker averages in a month. - Scott Avery, Director of Carrier Sales, Transplace

Download the Transplace story as a PDF here.


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