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Brand Spotlight: aifleet’s Focus on Driver Well-Being Helps Them Stand Out

Today we’re shining our spotlight light on aifleet, a tech-savvy trucking company and Parade capacity partner based in Austin, Texas. aifleet CEO Marc El Khoury describes the company as having an obsession with technology and driver happiness, and their take on the trucking industry is very unique. The proprietary technology they’ve developed for their 50 (and growing!) truck fleet focuses on high rates of driver utilization and a driver-centric approach to trucking.

aifleet is Solving the Driver Shortage Problem in a New Way

The driver shortage isn’t news to anyone in the country at this point, let alone the supply chain. The ATA says the driver shortage is worse than ever, and rates reflect the current capacity constraints. aifleet sees this shortage differently than most of the industry, strategizing based on the idea that the real key to increasing capacity surrounds driver utilization rather than hiring more drivers.

Low driver utilization hasn’t been widely acknowledged, but it has been passionately spoken about. Industry stats say that many drivers are only driving between 50% and 60% of their day. aifleet’s technology focuses on improving driver utilization to support better driver pay and benefits. Its goal is to control the inefficiencies that can be controlled. That certainly means addressing the most recognized sources of inefficiencies like DHD and empty miles, but also eliminating sneakier inefficiencies like scheduling issues.

Putting Driver Well-Being First

The focus on driver well-being at aifleet starts with a unique way to pay drivers. aifleet drivers are guaranteed a living wage through a minimum salary, so, come Friday, each driver knows exactly what they’re getting. Their drivers also get revenue sharing, meaning they earn a commission on the loads they deliver.

Their philosophy is that when employees are paid well and don’t have to constantly worry about money, they’re happier and healthier. In that same vein, their drivers also have access to a full benefits package that includes PTO and health insurance. The same system that lets their drivers stay on the road makes sure they get home on time, too.

“Drivers are not trucks. Drivers are not assets. Drivers are human.” said aifleet CEO Marc El Khoury.

Because aifleet drivers cover more miles than the average driver due to higher utilization rates, it’s not for just any driver. They’re selective about hiring and choose candidates with plenty of experience and impeccable safety records.

The company has plans for even more driver wellness-centered programs in the future.

Focusing on the Big Picture(s)

A Sustainable Fleet

aifleet’s operations are 100% carbon neutral. Since 97% of freight globally runs on fossil fuels and their operation is no exception, they offset their transportation emissions. In the future, they want to look at carbon capture and reducing emissions. aifleet put this carbon-neutral strategy into place from the very beginning of their operations so that absorbing the costs of taking responsibility for their environmental footprint was simply a part of the company’s DNA.

Making Truck Driving Accessible to All

25%-35% of the drivers at aifleet are women. Compared to industry stats that show the rate of women in trucking between 2% and 10%, that’s an incredible feat. This is due in large part to aifleet’s commitment to their drivers. They go home on time, have access to safe parking, have plenty of time at home, and earn enough to support their families.

A Modern Carrier for the Modern Brokerage

The same aifleet technology that improves driver utilization and gets drivers home on time is exceptional at making sure loads are delivered on time and they hold drivers to high on-time standards.

For Parade brokerages looking to find capacity in the aifleet’s trucks, their willingness to integrate with any technology that is required or even preferred is a great asset.

Why did aifleet Choose to Partner with Parade?

aifleet loves Parade for the same reason that many Parade brokers love the system: the ability to build relationships between brokerages and carriers. As a carrier that takes scheduling seriously so that they can keep utilization rates high, those relationships are just as valuable to aifleet as they are to the brokers who want to work with them. They also appreciate the transparency Parade provides, Book Now feature, and tracking integrations.

For drivers looking for a new kind of trucking company that focuses on their interests, aifleet might be a great career move. You can find more info on driving for aifleet here. For brokerages interested in taking advantage of our aifleet integration, reach out to our team for more information.


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