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Brand Spotlight: EZ Loader TMS is Designed with Brokerages and 3PLs in Mind

EZ Loader’s founders turned their proprietary TMS into an end-to-end TMS for brokerages.

At Parade, we love to shine a spotlight on brands that are looking beyond the status quo in logistics. EZ Loader TMS is doing just that, with a TMS that’s designed to serve as an end-to-end transportation management system to streamline operations and provide 360° visibility for the freight cycle.

EZ Loader TMS’s Origins

When EZ Loader TMS founders Brendon Wilson and Steven Smith got into the freight business, they couldn’t find a TMS system that truly served their brokerage’s needs. Instead of settling for the products that were available on the market, they decided to develop their own.

They hired a team and built a TMS that worked for them. As they added to their team, new brokerage reps loved the system, and their proprietary product became something of a recruiting tool. With the positive feedback from employees and the results it was garnering, the founders decided to sell their freight brokerage, shift gears to focus on the TMS, and take their system to the market.

They started by recruiting hand-picked brokerages in various niches and building out and adapting the program to fit the needs of their operations. This approach allowed them to develop a well-rounded product and add-ons to carry brokerages through the entire freight cycle.

Today, the team at EZ Loader TMS leverages 100+ years of experience across their staff to provide a tailored solution for each client. Since most of their team has worked in freight brokerages before, they understand the challenges their customers face and have the know-how to help them overcome them.

What Makes EZ Loader TMS Different?

One of the features that make EZ Loader TMS different from other systems on the market is the automated back office. Many of the accounting practices that can take up time and staffing in a freight brokerage can happen behind the scenes, synched with the accounting platform of choice.

EZ Loader TMS also offers customers the opportunity to automate post-delivery documentation, load tracking, email drips, customizable batch invoicing cycle, and more. This automation allows customers to do more with less, allowing them to grow and scale without the huge capital outlay that comes along with hiring new staff.

They also offer their customers optional add-on components so that they can keep their operations in one system, streamlining operations and providing tools to improve throughout. Their carrier onboarding, LTL Portal, and CRM allow their TMS to do the work of several programs, saving customers time and money.

The team at EZ Loader TMS knows that transitioning to a new system can be overwhelming. They provide customized implementation and individualized support that allows their customers to see value and cost savings immediately.

What’s next for EZ Loader TMS?

In the fast-paced world of logistics, technology is ever-evolving and EZ Loader takes that to heart. They plan to continue updating, upgrading, and adding new components to provide their customers with an even more functional, complete TMS. They are always listening to feedback from their customers to help direct their next move.

How are Parade and EZ Loader Working Together?

Parade’s collaboration with EZ Loader aims to bring the power of Parade capacity management to smaller brokerages. For many micro-brokerages in the past, capacity management tools weren’t practical due to budget constraints and low load volumes. This collaboration is set to change that, opening up Parade access to smaller brokerages.

Since the team at EZ Loader TMS is fantastic at tailoring their system for small brokerages despite that their customers include brokerages of all sizes, they’re an ideal partner for Parade in this endeavor.

You can reach out to EZ Loader TMS with questions about their system or schedule a demo by emailing them at


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