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Does Your Brokerage Get Better Every Time You Talk to a Carrier?

Every day across America, sure as the sun rises, freight brokers will be talking to carriers and helping them find work. All too often this has been a purely transactional conversation - I have load xyz, can you take it? - instead of a conversation that both secures today's transaction and builds a stronger ongoing relationship. But today Parade is changing that with our new Lanes & Trucks feature.

Lanes & Trucks makes it easy for a carrier rep to turn a conversation with a carrier into both an opportunity to win every truck they have while also making sure that the carrier gets better freight offers in the future.

Lanes & Trucks lets carrier reps add a carrier's lane preferences and available trucks.

Does your carrier really like running freight from Ontario to Texas? Done. Never send them to LA? Check. Have a truck in Arlington right now? 10-4. Always have a truck on Tuesday, in Jurupa Valley? Got it.

As the rep is typing, Parade will instantly show matching freight - and even let reps enter quotes for each load. Your reps can quickly win each truck a carrier has and book more loads, faster.

Plus, Parade will use all this knowledge about the carriers to improve matching. If a new load comes in later today near Dallas, we're going to match that Arlington truck. And all future load recommendations will reflect a carrier's preferences (including making sure that we don't send them to LA).

But don't take our word for it, see a demo in this short video:

Built for Carrier Reps

We built Lanes & Trucks for carrier reps who live on the phone. To save them time and let them focus on the carrier, they can add lane preferences and trucks without having to use their mouse. tab between fields. Hit the enter key to select items. Use arrow keys to change dates and time. Hit t in the date picker or n in the time picker to set the value to today or now respectively.

These are little details that make life easier for carrier reps. Previously only the biggest brokerages had this technology; now we're bringing it to everyone.

Get More of the Right Freight in Front of Carriers

Parade is going to use a carrier's lane preferences to get them better matching freight - and you can speed this up. If a carrier loves a lane, you can just select the Instant Send box on that lane preference and they'll get offers for all freight on that lane going forward (Behind the scenes, we're using Parade's Smart Rules to handle this).

It's a simple way to get the freight that matters in front of your carriers.

Available Now

If you're a Parade customer, you can find the Lanes & Trucks feature on every carrier's profile. If you're not a Parade customer and want to learn more, get in touch.


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