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Parade and Tai: Multiplying the Benefits of Each System Through Integration

Here’s how Parade capacity management and Tai TMS work together to make each other better.

The supply chain challenges wrought by the pandemic have led many freight brokerages to adopt new technologies in an effort to roll with the punches. The busy shipping market is a double-edged sword. It provides brokerages with plenty of business, but it also leaves them stretched thin in both capacity networks and staffing. Implementing both Parade and Tai can help them take advantage of the busy marketplace and scale their operations with the staff they have on hand.

What Benefits Can Brokerages Using Both Parade and Tai Expect to See?

A Huge Reduction in Time Spent on Carrier Outreach

Traditionally, much of a broker rep’s time was spent on carrier outreach, which encompasses reaching out to carriers who may be able to take a load and then negotiating back and forth until the load is covered.

With Tai’s Email Assistant feature, brokerages can reduce the time spent on carrier outreach to 3-5 minutes from the potential hours it may have taken before. When you add in Parade, carrier outreach can be accomplished in no time at all, literally.

More Streamlined Operations

With a Parade/Tai integration, customers can streamline operations and cut out the busy work that absorbs reps’ time and energy. Many of the bells and whistles that come with Parade can be used effectively without ever leaving the Tai TMS dashboard.

Parade and Tai customers can not only post to top load boards through their TMS dashboard but also schedule repostings. This means reps can keep a hot load at the top of the boards so that it’s one of the first things carriers see when they go looking for a load.

More Meaningful Carrier Relationships

Here are some of the ways Parade and Tai help build more meaningful carrier relationships:

· Carriers can interact with brokerages on their terms

· Book Now allows them to get a load booked anytime with minimal effort

· Brokerages can send carriers the loads they really want and not the rest

· Your carrier network can see your loads where they go to find loads; they don’t have to go out of their way to find them

These better relationships can serve as both cause and effect in helping brokerages reuse carriers. Carrier reuse leads to even stronger relationships between brokerages and their carrier network. When brokerages can provide steady business to carriers and carriers keep enough capacity on hand to cover a steady number of loads, trust and mutual goodwill follow.

More Loads Booked

When many of the processes involved in getting a load booked are automated, reps can get more done in a day. That means they have more time to get more loads booked, which in turn helps the freight brokerage grow without adding more staff.

When reps are rewarded for the loads they book, the ability to get more done in the same amount of time is empowering. It offers them more earning power through bonuses or other perks. It may also make them more beloved of the carrier reps they work with since booking loads with Parade and Tai customers is oftentimes less labor-intensive.

With Tai alone, brokerages book an average of 30% more loads in the first year. When you add in Parade’s capacity management functions, that number is sure to increase even more.

Better Visibility

Both Tai and Parade collect tons of data that can be used at every level of a brokerage, from the most junior representatives to the C-Suite. Reps and managers alike can look in to see how they’re progressing towards sales and service goals, and easy-to-read dashboards can provide data to make planning for the future simpler.

Want to learn more about Parade/Tai integration? Reach out here to chat with the team at Parade and here to talk to the team at Tai, or you can download our infographic about the benefits of integrating your TMS with Parade here.


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