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Parade will speak at the 3PL Value Creation NA Summit 2019

Parade, the leading intelligence and engagement platform, has been selected to speak at the 2019 3PL Value Creation North America Summit hosted by Armstrong & Associates. The conference will take place from October 15-17th in Chicago, Illinois.

Chief Business Officer of Parade, Preet Sivia, will speak on the Supply Chain Innovation panel alongside Parker Holcomb, CEO of CoLane, and Prasad Gollapalli, CEO of TruckerTools. The panel will focus on the role of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

"On October 15-17th, Armstrong & Associates is hosting the seventh annual 3PL Value Creation North America Summit in Chicago, Illinois. This year’s event analyzes important third-party logistics industry factors (such as e-commerce growth, digitalization, labor shortages, global trade agreements, M&A, and advancements in technological innovation) in an interactive and fully engaged way. Network with global 3PL executives and industry experts that successfully navigate the unique complexities of the 3PL industry."


About Parade:

Parade, the leading intelligence and engagement platform, empowers modern transportation companies to efficiently manage relationships, analyze capacity, and automate load bookings on a unified, private platform. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Parade has re-imagined outdated workflows to design the future of working in freight as part of Industry 4.0. Features of the Parade suite include intelligent profiles automated engagement, real-time freight matching, digital load booking, and business intelligence. For more information about Parade, visit


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