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Preparing for a TMS Upgrade? Here’s Why It’s the Perfect Time to Implement Parade

When we’re talking to Parade prospects who are preparing to upgrade their TMS, they often have reservations. They wonder if they should wait until they get the latest version of their TMS squared away before they try to add another system. They’re often concerned that it will be more work if they implement Parade and then update their TMS.

We’re here to tell you that, even if you’re updating your TMS in the near future, it’s the perfect time to implement Parade. Here’s why.

6 Reasons to Implement Parade Before You Update Your TMS

1. It Doesn’t Cost More

It’s a common misconception that if you get a new TMS and need to get Parade connected again, the second implementation might cost you extra. That’s not true. The team at Parade will make sure you’re all set up with your new system at no extra cost.

2. Working with the TMS Through Implementation Helps Us Understand Business Workflows

Being present for implementation gives us a huge leg up. We can see exactly how the new system works and how your brokerage will use it. We can then ensure that Parade fits right into those workflows and captures all the data it needs from them before go-live.

It’s easier to miss key operational workflows when we’re not present for the initial implementation of the new system. That can mean it takes longer to get our system operating at its peak as revisions must take place to ensure a solid integration.

3. IT Cooperation Across the Board Makes for Smoother Implementation All Over

Whether you’re using your own IT team or a 3rd party IT service, it’s easier for everyone involved if we’re all aligned early in the implementation of a new system or upgrade. If this alignment takes place after implementation, it’s just one more step that can hold up the timeline.

It also allows us to make sure your IT team is up to speed before implementation, getting you to go-live faster than if we stepped in after the upgraded TMS was in place. This allows Parade to be prepared for launch, with workflows, capacity data, and carrier information already in the system. Access to our IT team early helps get questions answered, project scope settled, and workflows laid out ahead of time so go-live can go off without a hitch.

4. The Sooner Parade Can Get to Work, The Better Your Results

Because our system uses AI and Machine Learning to learn about your carriers and your business processes, it’s like your favorite pair of old blue jeans. It gets better with use. The more you use the system, the more data it takes in, which results in better carrier recommendations and an expanded capacity network to draw from.

Parade isn’t going to lose all the data that it gathered before you implement your new system. In fact, our capacity management solution can learn a lot and scoop up a lot of capacity and carrier data while a brokerage is migrating to a new TMS. All that data helps Parade do its job better.

Plus, implementing Parade before the update helps speed up go-live on the new system. Of course, the integration will have to be adjusted and tested, still, but much of the work is already done.

5. It’s Easier and More Effective to Train Teams on Both New Programs at Once

Big changes tend to make companies nervous. There’s risk in change. How will the new systems work out? How will your team adapt to them? Making what’s perceived as even more changes often sounds like a bad idea. The training process can be painful and sometimes frustrating for employees as it is.

However, it’s actually more effective to train two systems’ worth of new processes at once than it is to train two sets of new processes at two separate times. Plus, since Parade can help brokerage reps improve their performance and cut down on busy work, they may be more apt to adapt to new processes for both systems.

6. Parade Still Has Value, even if All Features Aren’t Functional

Older versions of some of the TMS programs we’re integrated with may not support all the features Parade currently offers. However, the features that are supported can still make a big difference. They can still help you manage capacity, build better carrier relationships, and collect and analyze data to help you make smarter business decisions.

As you can see, brokerages have nothing to lose by getting Parade up and running as soon as possible, even if they’re planning to make other software changes soon. Speak with our team to find out how Parade can help you get up and running with capacity management.


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