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What Makes Parade Different from Other Supply Chain Software Vendors?

In a market awash with logistics tech solutions, here are the things that make Parade special.

With so many options out there, how do you know which capacity management solution is the right one for you? You seek out those It Factors, those things that make a program different from other programs like it on the market. Here are the things that make Parade the foremost capacity management software on the market.

Factors that Set Parade Apart from Other Capacity Management Solutions

Seamless Integrations

Parade partners with several top providers of logistics software so that our customers experience seamless integrations with the programs they use every day. We have partnerships with some of the top TMS programs and load syndication services, plus onboarding services like MyCarrierPackets and RMIS.

When companies use both Parade and one (or more) of our partners, the benefits of both our system and our partners’ are multiplied. We’re always seeking out new partnerships with leaders in TMS and syndication boards to create more seamless integration experiences.

Relationship Focused

Digital freight matching leaves a lot of the industry worried that the relationships between 3PLs and carriers will suffer due to the need for less contact. However, Parade’s goal is to help freight brokerages build better relationships with their carriers.

By seamlessly utilizing AI and machine learning, the system helps brokerages send their network of carriers the right kinds of loads in the right lanes. Our quoting tools and Smart Rules make the conversations brokerages have with carriers more productive since reps already have a good idea that the load will work for the carrier.

We aim to make the busy work that goes along with booking a load simpler and faster for carriers and brokers alike, leaving them more time to focus on relationships.

Smarter Carrier Management

Parade helps freight brokerages and asset carriers manage their carrier networks better than ever before. Our software matches carriers with freight that’s a perfect fit in real-time, allowing you to get loads in and sent off to carriers in an instant.

We also offer customers the ability to build a rolling profile of their carriers so that they always know how much, what kind, and where carriers have capacity. A really exciting feature? The system collects data from wherever your carriers look for loads to help keep their capacity up to date even when the brokerage hasn’t contacted the carrier directly to ask for updated capacity information.

We also allow our customers to build a private carrier network. We understand that not every brokerage wants to use syndications, instead preferring to keep the capacity data they collect from their carriers private, so we provide both pro-syndication and pro-private network customers with their ideal solution.

Built-In Reporting

How many systems out there show you, right out in front, the ROI of the system? Not many! That’s just one of Parade’s built-in reporting features that allow you to see data and understand what it means without jumping through hoops. You can also see easy-to-read reports on:

· Profit margins

· Conversions

· Carrier events

· Sales data

Having this reporting built-in saves Parade customers from having to create their own tracking and reporting processes, and it offers a clear picture of what the system is helping your brokerage accomplish. The transparency it offers promotes buy-in from team members.

World Class Customer Support and UX

The staff at Parade aims to provide customers with top-notch customer service, seeing that customers’ needs are met so the program can do its best work.

Our customer success team offers support pre and post go-live, offering up best practices and new strategies to help brokerages meet their goals. Parade welcomes feedback and suggestions from every customer so we can keep honing and perfecting the system to meet our customers’ needs.

Parade is designed to help customers find capacity and build relationships with carriers without changing all their processes. We provide you with dedicated training to help you do just that. Without ever going outside of the systems that your representatives are already using, Parade can still collect data and help our customers find capacity. That’s what makes our user experience special.

Wondering what Parade can do for your logistics company? Reach out to us to chat with a team member who can give you the answers you need.


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